Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

Soma Bay Clinic 2010

Fanatic Pro Camp Soma Bay 2010

For the first time the Windsurflabor.de Crew visited Soma Bay in Egypt for another Clinic of the Fanatic Pro Camps and surely it wasn´t the last one. A great week with lots of wind between 15 and 45 knots windspeeds, a very nice and super friendly Windsurf Center, beautiful watercolours combined with easy going water surface and airtemperatures of around 34 degrees. The Planet Windsurf Center in front of the Caribbean World Resort Hotel has been a very good choice for our six days clinic, where most participants had arrived to improve their jibing skills. The 2011 Soma Bay Event is already been planned and all dates will be online here at Windsurflabor.de soon.... so far see the Fotos of the Event at the Foto part...

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